Robber apprehended by determined employees




On Wednesday, 05 September 10:55 amq 25 years old  man walks to the cash register in the Shell gas station with a wooden club in his hand and asks the employee to give him money. The cashier responds prudently and entangles the man in a conversation saying that there is no money in there." The robber answers that he needs "at least 50 euros". The gas station employee tried to dissuade him but the robber  becomes impatient, he wants to walk around the bar. Then the cashier gives him 50 euros.The robber parked his car a few meters from the entrance and was just about to get away when  he was chased on foot  by one of the employees  who said he " was able to open the passenger door and the baton fell out and I used it to hit the window so he might stop".The robber was surprised by the stubborn pursuit…Meanwhile, another gas station employee intervened and jumped through the open door into the car and managed to remove the ignition key. The car stopped, the robber got out and ran and finally was stopped by a martial arts teacher and was held to the ground until after nearly three minutes the police arrived and arrested him.


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