Nicaragua arrests four suspected ISIS members




Four men with suspected ties to the Islamic State were arrested in Nicaragua after crossing illegally from Costa Rica.The identities of three of the men matched those in an alert attributed to US officials saying three suspected jihadists were in Central America.There were fears they could have plans to try to enter the US. The men entered Nicaragua through an unauthorised crossing point known as La Guasimada The four, aged between 26 and 41, included two Egyptians and two Iraqis. They have been deported to Costa Rica. Mohamed Ibrahim, 33, and Mahmoud Samy Eissa, 26, both from Egypt, and Iraqi national Ahmed Ghanim Mohamed Al Jubury, 41, arrived in Costa Rica on 9 June, according to their immigration documents given to police. The fourth man was named as 29-year-old Mustafa Ali Mohamed Yaoob from Iraq, who had registered in Costa Rica on 13 June.The four were being held at a detention facility and would be deported to their countries.


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